3-5 QERSHOR 2024



Information and Data Protection Commissioner

Information and Data Protection Commissioner is an independent institution of public administration. The Commissioner is elected by the Assembly, upon the proposal of the Council of Ministers. The Assembly determines the remuneration of the Commissioner, the organizational structure and remuneration for the employees of the Commissioner for the protection of personal data.

Information and Data Protection Commissioner conducts administrative investigation, has access to personal data processing and collects all necessary information with the view of fulfilling his supervisory obligations. The Commissioner orders for the blocking, erasure, destruction or suspension of the unlawful processing of personal data and issues instructions prior to the data processing ensuring their publication.

The Commissioner checks and has access to information and documents, subject to appeal, according to the law on freedom of information or related to the matter under consideration, including information classified “state secret”.

To contact the Commissioner:

Address: Rr. “Abdi Toptani”, Nd. 5, Kodi postar 1001, Tirana
Tel: +355 4 2237200
Fax: +355 4 22 33977
Green Number: 0800 2050
E-mail: info@tiranaticked.online