3-5 QERSHOR 2024


Organization and relevant categories per job positions at the Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner

FunctionNo. of employesCategory/Class
I. Commissioner1I-D Law No. 9584, dated 17.7.2006, as amended
II. Cabinet(3)DCM 187 dated 08.03.2017
Director 1II - a
Adviser1II - b
Spokesman 1II - b
III. Secretary General 1I - b
IV. Audit Unit on Personal Data Protection (2)
Inspector 2 III - a
V. General Directorate of the Right to Information(15)
General Director 1II-a
V/I. Department on the Transparency Programme Monitoring
V/II. Complaint Handling Department
V/III. Open Data and Public Consultation Sector
Inspectors2III - a
VI. General Directorate of Personal Data Protection (20)
General Director 1II-a
IV/I. Complaints and Harmonization Department
Director 1II - a
Inspector 6III - a
VI/II. Sectorial Investigation and Data Security Department
Director 1II - b
Inspector 6III - a
VI/III. Supervision in the Field of Criminal Justice and Public Security Department
Director 1II - b
Inspectors4III - a
VII. Legal Affairs and Integration Department (7)
Director 1II - b
VII/I Regulatory, Integration and Administrative Procedures Sector
Head of sector 1III-a
VIII. Internal Services and Finance Department
Head of sector1III-a
Specialist 2III-b
VIII. Internal Services and Finance Department (11)
Director 1II-b
VIII/I. Human Resources and Public Relations Sector
Head of sector1III-a
IT specialist1III-b
Human resources specialist / job analyst1III-b
Public relations specialist1III-b
Front desk receptionist1Kl. III (DCM no. 717, dated 23.6.2009 as amended)
VIII/II. Services and Finance Sector
Head of sector (person in charge of procurement)1III-a
Finance specialist - budget/services1III-b
Specialist editor / protocol / archive1IV-a
Driver1Kl. VI (DCM no. 717, dated 23.6.2009 as amended)
Janitor1Kl I (DCM no. 717, dated 23.6.2009 as amended)
A total of 60 employees